Post-Raise Management

We offer comprehensive post-raise management services, ensuring that your journey after capital raising is as smooth and effective as the fundraising process itself.

Maximizing Asset Performance Post-Capital Raise.

Partnering with USP post-capital raise gives you access to straightforward, effective management tools and services, ensuring your investment continues to thrive after the fundraising stage. We focus on clear investor communication, efficient asset oversight, and performance tracking to safeguard and enhance your investment’s value.

Efficient Asset ManagementPartner with USP for comprehensive asset management services. Our expertise in market trends and property management strategies ensures your investment performs optimally, adapting to changing market conditions.
Proactive Property ManagementOur proactive property management approach focuses on maintaining and enhancing the value of your asset. We handle day-to-day operations, ensuring your property meets the highest standards.
Investor Relations and TransparencyUSP supports strong investor relations through transparent communication and regular updates. Our commitment to clarity and openness ensures investor trust and satisfaction, vital for long-term success.

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Explore the possibilities of raising capital through tokenization with USP. Learn about the streamlined process and advantages it offers for your property.

Raise CapitalLearn more about the process of raising capital using the USP real estate tokenization platform and what it means for you as a sponsor.
How to Get ListedDiscover the process of getting your property listed on the USP tokenized real estate marketplace to begin raising capital.
Post-Raise ManagementLearn more about our post-raise management options, and how we can help.

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Requirements for listing a property:

Property Type

Property Type: Must be either rental housing, or commercial real estate (multifamily, student housing, coliving, etc). We do not list single family rental properties.


Location: Property must be in a high-demand urban area.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis: Demonstrated investment potential.

Minimum Valuation

Minimum Valuation: Property must meet our minimum valuation standard of $3M.


Leverage: No more than 70% leverage will be accepted.

No Legal Disputes

No Legal Disputes: Free from legal disputes or encumbrances.

Maintenance Standards

Maintenance Standards: Well-maintained with certain aesthetic and functional standards.

Financial Records

Financial Records: Detailed financial records for the past years.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance: Meeting local environmental regulations.

Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections: Up-to-date safety inspection reports.

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We are committed to transparency with our community, and our USP Token Buyback Guarantee is designed to help you have faith in your investment.

Your trust is paramount to us. We stand ready as your safety net, committed to buying back any USP Tokens issued by us at the original price the tokens were issued at. For more information, reference page 26 of our whitepaper.