We're on a mission to make everyone a real-world landlord.

We're using blockchain technology to distribute ownership of a professionally-managed real estate portfolio to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Owning USP Tokens makes you a fractional owner of a $25M real estate portfolio.

USP Tokens represent a new age in real estate investment, allowing you to own a piece of a diverse $25M portfolio. This means having direct access to real estate profits without the typical costs or commitments. Enjoy the perks of property ownership, stress-free.

We purchase, develop, and hold real estate properties with long-term income potential.

Our expert team meticulously selects U.S. properties that showcase long-term income potential, creating a robust real estate portfolio. USP’s strategy of buying and holding quality assets translates to a more sustainable and resilient token value for our investors.

We guarantee to always buy USP Tokens back at their originally issued price.

Investing with USP means security and peace of mind. We hold a firm commitment to always buy back USP Tokens at their originally issued price. This guarantee upholds a safety net for our investors, emphasizing our dedication to your financial wellbeing.

Become a fractional landlord by owning a piece of a $25M real estate portfolio.

USP™, the security token representing fractional ownership in United States Property Inc., is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the success of USPC™ stablecoin and the company’s real estate portfolio. USP security token holders gain exposure to the growth of the USPC™ stablecoin and a diverse range of income-producing properties.

The world's first stablecoin backed by cash reserves and U.S. real estate.

The USPC™ stablecoin was designed for unparalleled stability, and is underpinned by a 2:1 reserve ratio, consisting of both cash and real estate assets. This approach ensures stability during market fluctuations, while providing transparency and liquidity. Meet the new benchmark for stability and trust in an increasingly trustless world.

It is possible to invest in real-world real estate without massive startup costs.

Enter a world where costly barriers are shattered, making real estate investing accessible to all. USP paves the way for this unprecedented access, eliminating high startup costs that previously deterred many. Now, owning a share of real estate is as straightforward as buying USP Tokens, opening the gateway to potential profits and sustainable wealth growth. Join the revolution, and let real estate work for you, no matter your starting point.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to build wealth through real estate investing. Until now, that opportunity was limited to those who already have enough wealth to get started.

USP Tokens are transforming the way people invest in real estate. No longer is it an exclusive club for the already wealthy. Our tokenized assets enable everyone to tap into the wealth-building power of real estate. By offering fractional shares of real-world properties, we’re making real estate investment attainable, manageable, and profitable.

Join us and start building your wealth today.

The clearest path to financial freedom.

Investing in real estate has traditionally been one of the most effective ways to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. Through USP Tokens, we’re making this opportunity more accessible than ever. By allowing individuals to purchase fractional shares of real estate, we’re democratizing access to this lucrative investment class. No longer do you need significant capital to start investing. With USP Tokens, the path to financial freedom is clear and open to everyone.

Fight inflation... with inflation.

Inflation is a persistent concern for any investor, eroding the value of money over time. By investing in USP Tokens – real estate-backed digital securities – you’re essentially investing in an inflationary asset that has historically appreciated in value over time. Real estate, unlike other asset classes, tends to rise in value with inflation. Therefore, USP Tokens offer a powerful hedge against the erosive effects of inflation, preserving your wealth and maintaining your purchasing power.

Break into real estate without capital.

Real estate investing has traditionally been seen as an endeavor that requires significant capital. This has created barriers to entry for many potential investors. USP is challenging this norm by offering an innovative way for individuals to invest in real estate without needing massive upfront capital. Our tokenized real estate model enables you to purchase fractional shares of real estate, reducing the financial burden and making real estate investment accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Safeguard your financial future.

The unpredictability of financial markets can be daunting. However, real estate, and specifically USP Tokens, offer a stable and secure investment opportunity. Real estate is often considered a safe haven in turbulent times due to its tangible nature and long-term appreciation. Through USP Tokens, you gain exposure to the steady and reliable returns of real estate, helping you to safeguard your financial future. As you invest in your tokens, you’re not only growing your wealth but also securing a stable financial future for yourself.

Create a USP Investor Portal account and unleash your inner landlord.

Take the first step today and join an exclusive, global community of investors taking advantage of the unique benefits that USP provides! On the USP Investor Portal, you can purchase USP, store your value, and keep track of your investments in real-time.

A Milestone Moment: USP Offering Closes on May 31

As we approach May 31, we close our current offering period for USP Tokens, marking a significant moment in our journey. With a growing real estate portfolio valued over $25 million, we're ready for the next stage.
USP Team2 days ago

Expanding Our Investment Horizon: Welcome the Primior Medical Centre to the USP Portfolio

We're excited to announce the latest addition to the USP portfolio - Primior Medical Centre. Explore our dedication to real estate tokenization and diverse investment opportunities.
USP Team2 days ago

From Apps to DApps: The Emergence of Decentralized Applications

Unleash the potential of DApps like MetaMask, understand DApp vs app dynamics, and embrace the advantages of DEX over CEX for managing digital assets in the Web3 era.
USP Team2 weeks ago
Image of a digital token on a virtual background with a real estate building silhouette representing the concept of real estate tokenization

Harnessing Tokenization for Real Estate Investment Success

Learn how tokenization is transforming real estate investment, breaking down barriers to entry, and empowering individual investors with greater liquidity and transparency.
USP Team2 weeks ago

Introducing the USP Real Estate Token: Unlock Generational Wealth Through Tokenized Real Estate

Discover the Power of USP Real Estate Token: Bridging Crypto Investors and Tokenized Real Estate for Generational Wealth.
USP Team2 weeks ago
a gradient background with the USP logo overlaid on top

What In The World Is Web3?

Discover the evolution of the internet and how Web3, the decentralized version, is empowering users to own and govern their digital interactions.
USP Team3 weeks ago

We are committed to transparency with our community, and our USP Token Buyback Guarantee is designed to help you have faith in your investment.

Your trust is paramount to us. We stand ready as your safety net, committed to buying back any USP Tokens issued by us at the original price the tokens were issued at. For more information, reference page 26 of our whitepaper.

The old USPC™ security token has been renamed USP™.

The old USPC™ security token has undergone a simple yet crucial change: it has been renamed to USP™. This strategic shift only involves the token’s name, with no alterations made to the smart contract, funds, or any other aspect of the token.

The renaming of USPC™ to USP reflects our strategic pivot and aligns with the introduction of the USP stablecoin. This shift simplifies our project’s structure and allows for a more distinct separation between the security token (USP) and the stablecoin (USPC™), providing a more comprehensive and accessible offering for our users.

No, your USP holdings remain unchanged and secure. You can still access them at invest.uspc.io. The only change made was the token’s name, ensuring continuity in your investments while adapting to our strategic shift and the introduction of the USPC™ stablecoin.

The USPC™ stablecoin is a next-generation ERC20 token pegged to the US dollar. It offers enhanced stability and security through a unique 2:1 reserve ratio, with reserves held in both cash and real estate assets. This innovative approach to backing stablecoins makes USPC™ an attractive choice for those seeking stability in the crypto market.

Stay tuned for the official launch announcement of the USPC™ stablecoin. Once launched, we’ll provide all necessary details regarding how and where to purchase USPC™, making it as simple and straightforward as possible for our users to become part of this groundbreaking stablecoin project.

USPC™’s exceptional 2:1 reserve ratio, backed by both cash and real estate assets, sets it apart from other stablecoins. This robust backing ensures greater stability and security, while offering transparency through proof of buyback reserves. Tied to United States Property Inc., USPC™ stands out as an innovative, reliable, and secure stablecoin option.

USP Now Live On DigiFinex!

We’re excited to announce that USP is now live on the DigiFinex exchange. This is an important milestone for USP as it marks our first listing on any crypto exchange. This also represents a major victory for tokenized real estate, as it demonstrates the potential for decentralized real estate investing!

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