Evolve is an affordable coliving community where you socialize, grow, and co-own your space with a community of like-minded professionals.

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The next step in the evolution of coliving, collective ownership, and community participation.

Evolve lets members co-own the place they’re renting through an innovative co-ownership model, offering affordable luxury housing in prime locations for communal growth and access to better job and networking opportunities.


Experience luxury living in the top 1% of neighborhoods at an affordable price with our shared ownership model. Enjoy high-end living and luxury amenities without breaking the bank.


By living with a collective of other professionals, Evolve members save money and live closer to where the higher paying jobs and networking opportunities are located.


With Evolve, being a member means you can become a co-owner, helping you fight inflation as your share in the property grows in value, unlike regular savings that lose value over time.


Evolve is an affordable coliving community where you socialize, grow, and co-own your space with a community of like-minded professionals. Members can convert a portion of their monthly membership fee into fractional equity in their living space, promoting personal and financial growth. This distinct model offers a practical solution to inflation, making housing and job markets more accessible. Additionally, it fosters a supportive network for business, investment, and collaboration.

Traditional renting offers no return and lacks community-focused initiatives. Evolve by USP reimagines this model by integrating fractional ownership with the co-living experience. Here, you live alongside other aspiring individuals, sharing not just space but ideas and ambitions. Your rent is not wasted; it’s an investment in your future, real estate, and the community you’re part of.

In an economy where inflation can erode the value of cash savings, Evolve offers a shield through real estate investment. Over time, real estate tends to appreciate at a rate that exceeds inflation, safeguarding and potentially growing your investment. By redirecting rent payments into property equity, Evolve provides a way to protect and potentially enhance your financial position against inflationary pressures.

In Evolve co-ownership, equity works differently than traditional home equity. Instead of being tied to a single property, it represents your total investment and its appreciation over time. While this equity can’t be directly used for a home purchase in the traditional sense, it can be converted into USP Tokens, providing increased liquidity and flexibility. This system allows you to continue benefiting from your investment, whether you decide to move out or redirect your equity into other opportunities.

With Evolve by USP, co-ownership, or fractional ownership, allows you to own a portion of the property. It’s like having a small slice of a large pie. In this shared ownership model, you and other co-owners have tangible stakes in the property. This means you not only have a proportional share in its value and potential profits, but also become part of a community where everyone’s success contributes to the collective success.

Evolve is an affordable coliving community powered by USP where renters can socialize, grow, and co-own their space with a community of like-minded professionals.

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Requirements for listing a property:

Property Type

Property Type: Must be either rental housing, or commercial real estate (multifamily, student housing, coliving, etc). We do not list single family rental properties.


Location: Property must be in a high-demand urban area.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis: Demonstrated investment potential.

Minimum Valuation

Minimum Valuation: Property must meet our minimum valuation standard of $3M.


Leverage: No more than 70% leverage will be accepted.

No Legal Disputes

No Legal Disputes: Free from legal disputes or encumbrances.

Maintenance Standards

Maintenance Standards: Well-maintained with certain aesthetic and functional standards.

Financial Records

Financial Records: Detailed financial records for the past years.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance: Meeting local environmental regulations.

Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections: Up-to-date safety inspection reports.

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