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USP’s Reservation Campaign on!

Visit our offering on Republic at to learn more and become a part of this revolutionary journey.
USP Team2 months ago
USP to list on

USP Real Estate Security Token to List on

Discover the future of USP's real estate security token with its upcoming listing on in 2023. Explore how this pivotal move will redefine asset tokenization and expand U.S. access to tokenized real estate.
USP Team5 months ago
digital padlock online security

How to Protect Yourself Online

Discover effective defensive and offensive measures to protect yourself in the digital age. Learn to identify and combat cyber scams, ensuring your personal information stays secure.
USP Team7 months ago

USP Invests In Mixed-Use Development Project In Santa Ana, California

Explore USP's recent investment in First Harbor Square, Santa Ana, enhancing our real estate portfolio. Discover how we're utilizing blockchain technology for global real estate accessibility.
USP Team7 months ago

Tokenized Real Estate: Bridging The Gap Between Cryptocurrency and Real Estate Investments

Explore how tokenized real estate revolutionizes property investment through blockchain technology, democratizing asset ownership, and simplifying transactions in this insightful article.
USP Team8 months ago
usp tokens on lbank crypto exchange

USP Token To Debut on LBank Exchange!

The USP token is going LIVE on the LBank Exchange on June 8, 2023 at 10:00 UTC. Experience the revolution in real estate investment with us!
USP Team9 months ago

A Milestone Moment: USP Offering Closes on May 31

As we approach May 31, we close our current offering period for USP Tokens, marking a significant moment in our journey. With a growing real estate portfolio valued over $25 million, we're ready for the next stage.
USP Team9 months ago

Expanding Our Investment Horizon: Welcome the Primior Medical Centre to the USP Portfolio

We're excited to announce the latest addition to the USP portfolio - Primior Medical Centre. Explore our dedication to real estate tokenization and diverse investment opportunities.
USP Team9 months ago
what makes something a security gary gensler SEO USP

What Makes Something with Utility a Security?

Learn about the classification of digital assets in the cryptocurrency industry, the implications of conflicting definitions, and the need for clearer regulations.
USP Team10 months ago

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