Acquisition Strategy

Acquisition Strategy

Our strategy for acquiring and investing in US real estate is simple: we buy properties that generate income and appreciate in value over time. We focus on stability, instead of speculative growth, so we can provide our token holders with a more predictable and consistent return profile.

Achieve Long-Term Success with Our Risk-Adjusted Growth Strategy.

Embrace a balanced approach to real estate investment with our Risk-Adjusted Growth Strategy. By combining the stability of Core and Core+ properties with the potential upside of Value-Add and Opportunistic investments, we aim to deliver consistent returns while mitigating risk for long-term success and financial security.

Balancing stability and growth potential.

USP aims to acquire and securitize a balanced mix of Core, Core-Plus, Value Add, and Opportunistic multifamily properties in key growth markets & locations. Our risk-adjusted growth strategy allows us to provide our token holders with an optimal balance between stability and growth potential.

Passive income opportunity.

Unlike a REIT, which is required to distribute 90% of its taxable income to shareholders in the form of dividends, USP is not subject to this distribution requirement. This allows us to reinvest our earnings and profits back into the business in order to grow the value of the company and generate even more returns for our token holders in the form of appreciation of the USP token.

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Want to learn more about USP? Check out the links below for more information about our project roadmap, frequently asked questions, and how to get involved.

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Acquisition StrategyLearn more about USP's plans for acquiring more income-producing properties in Core and Core-Plus markets across the U.S.
Project RoadmapGet an overview of our priorities and what the USP team will be working on next by reading through our project roadmap.
Token StructureLearn more about how the USP token is structured, when new USP are minted, how the DAO will impact USP, and our commitment to transparency.
WhitepaperRead the USP whitepaper to learn more about out exact plan, vision for the future, and tokenomics of the USP security token.

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We are committed to transparency with our community, and our USP Token Buyback Guarantee is designed to help you have faith in your investment.

Your trust is paramount to us. We stand ready as your safety net, committed to buying back any USP Tokens issued by us at the original price the tokens were issued at. For more information, reference page 26 of our whitepaper.

The old USPC™ security token has been renamed USP™.

The old USPC™ security token has undergone a simple yet crucial change: it has been renamed to USP™. This strategic shift only involves the token’s name, with no alterations made to the smart contract, funds, or any other aspect of the token.

The renaming of USPC™ to USP reflects our strategic pivot and aligns with the introduction of the USP stablecoin. This shift simplifies our project’s structure and allows for a more distinct separation between the security token (USP) and the stablecoin (USPC™), providing a more comprehensive and accessible offering for our users.

No, your USP holdings remain unchanged and secure. You can still access them at invest.uspc.io. The only change made was the token’s name, ensuring continuity in your investments while adapting to our strategic shift and the introduction of the USPC™ stablecoin.

The USPC™ stablecoin is a next-generation ERC20 token pegged to the US dollar. It offers enhanced stability and security through a unique 2:1 reserve ratio, with reserves held in both cash and real estate assets. This innovative approach to backing stablecoins makes USPC™ an attractive choice for those seeking stability in the crypto market.

Stay tuned for the official launch announcement of the USPC™ stablecoin. Once launched, we’ll provide all necessary details regarding how and where to purchase USPC™, making it as simple and straightforward as possible for our users to become part of this groundbreaking stablecoin project.

USPC™’s exceptional 2:1 reserve ratio, backed by both cash and real estate assets, sets it apart from other stablecoins. This robust backing ensures greater stability and security, while offering transparency through proof of buyback reserves. Tied to United States Property Inc., USPC™ stands out as an innovative, reliable, and secure stablecoin option.

USP Now Live On DigiFinex!

We’re excited to announce that USP is now live on the DigiFinex exchange. This is an important milestone for USP as it marks our first listing on any crypto exchange. This also represents a major victory for tokenized real estate, as it demonstrates the potential for decentralized real estate investing!

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